Leverage a fully enabled warehouse

Increase efficiency by empowering users with a high-speed, easy-to-use solution that delivers accurate inventory data in real time. Customize the software to align with your business processes, eliminating the need for costly modifications. Cloud Inventory tightly integrates with D365, with zero changes to the underlying code.

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Maintain connectivity, even in remote teams

Take advantage of the Mobile Enterprise Platform™ (MEP) to realize the true potential of warehouse management. Instantly pull data in to or out of D365 from anywhere, on any device, connected or not. By giving every warehouse team member visibility into inventory levels, you can reduce manual labor and inventory carrying costs while ensuring you deliver on time and in full for your customers.

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Unleash next-gen barcode technology

Revolutionize inventory management with ScanWorkX, the barcode data collection solution built from the ground up for D365. Reduce time to enter data with configurable smart barcodes, lists of values, and auto-complete logic. While optimized for out-of-the-box productivity, ScanWorkX also allows endless configurability (without paying for customizations).

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Print labels from anywhere

Streamline warehouse operations and improve productivity by simplifying your label printing process. With Print Envoy, you can generate enterprise-grade labels instantly from the D365 interface without knowledge of ZPL, ensuring efficient and accurate labeling throughout your operations.

Extend Microsoft Dynamics to create a unified ecosystem that optimizes your inventory management and order fulfillment processes.

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