Gain Visibility into Manufacturing Materials

Capture manufacturing materials usage at the point of activity. This enables real-time tracking of inventory, from raw materials to finished goods. By capturing materials usage at the moment of consumption, the system ensures inventory data accuracy, informs procurement decisions, and minimizes the risk of stockouts or production downtime.

A Solution for Every Role

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Production Manager

With Cloud Inventory, you can confidently manage inventory across your entire production process, from procurement to quality control, and effectively coordinate activities among multiple teams. Our platform provides real-time visibility into material movement and consumption, enabling proactive identification of potential issues and efficient resource allocation to minimize downtime.

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Procurement Manager

Cloud Inventory helps you ensure the timely availability of raw materials while managing supplier relationships and optimizing costs. Our solution empowers you to navigate supply chain disruptions, lead time delays, and unexpected demand changes by providing real-time visibility into your inventory and raw materials.

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Quality Control

Cloud Inventory captures the data you need to ensure consistent quality of your products. Leverage our mobile solution to document quality issues and implement mobile application changes to abide by new or changing regulatory requirements.

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Maintenance Engineer

Cloud Inventory mobile solutions connect to your maintenance modules and smart machinery. Capture the data required to maintain and prevent machine downtime, and leverage our mobile apps to start and complete work orders.

“Lot control and traceability were largely manual—and a complex process. We introduced the Cloud Inventory solution on mobile devices at multiple plants to capture inventory in a timely, accurate manner.”
Paul Ormond | Project Manager

Connect with Your Favorite Solutions

Cloud Inventory promotes integration to your enterprise technology stack. Our flexible data model works with any ERP, and we can connect to your shop floor machinery to capture run-time data and other important metrics.

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