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Increase Inventory Turns

Optimize inventory levels and increase inventory turns by accurately tracking inventory at every step across the supply chain. Cloud Inventory provides real-time visibility and advanced tracking capabilities, enabling you to make informed product and operational decisions, minimize stockouts, and maximize your inventory utilization.

Boost Bottom CI 2

Boost Your Bottom Line

Delight your customers and boost your bottom line. With improved shipping accuracy, you can minimize order errors, reduce returns, and enhance customer trust. This ultimately leads to increased customer retention, repeat business, and higher revenue for your organization.

Ensure Compliance

Simplify regulatory and contractual compliance with a flexible platform, real-time data capture, and comprehensive process controls. You can ensure adherence to regulations and contractual obligations, reducing the risk of penalties or disruptions.

A Solution For Every Role

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Warehouse Manager

With Cloud Inventory's mobile applications, you can see how inventory moves throughout the warehouse and conduct your day-to-day processes from any device.

Leverage role-based dashboards to see warehouse activity and inventory volumes. Our solution for warehouse operations ensures that you can automate inbound, outbound, and storage processes while managing exceptional cases along the way.

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Picking & Packing

Picking and packing orders with speed and accuracy is crucial to your warehouse operations. Leverage Cloud Inventory's mobile applications to optimize the picking and packing of orders.

Our system supports wave picking and can even factor in the various units of measure when releasing a pick so that your resources are best utilized. We also integrate with your custom-picking technologies like pick-to-light, carousels, and conveyors.

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Receiving & Putaway

Cloud Inventory helps you get inventory out of staging areas and put away — fast. Leverage our mobile applications to stock items with others of their kind, and where the newest items are the last to be picked.

We also support your quality assurance processes no matter the industry. Leverage our configurable platform to personalize the entire receiving and putaway process to match your business needs.

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Transportation Manager

With Cloud Inventory, you can improve shipping accuracy to minimize order errors, reduce returns, and enhance customer trust. Our mobile applications also can be used to guide the loading of shipments.

On receipt, ensure orders are accurate and moved out of staging as quickly as possible. Cloud Inventory brings automation and optimization to your shipping and receiving processes.

Key Application Capabilities

“During the selection process it was crucial that the solution selected would be able to work harmoniously with our other warehouse systems. Their experience and unparalleled knowledge of the food and beverage sector were major factors in our decision process.”
John Thompson | Business Process Lead – Supply Chain

Increase Warehouse Optimization

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