Mobile First Cloud

Mobile-First Applications

The combination of a mobile-first manufacturing material handling system and cloud-based inventory management increases your visibility and accuracy of material utilization, as well as your accountability for the end user who is completing the tasks throughout the product life cycle to completing the finished good.

Enhanced Visibility Cloud

Enhanced Visibility Across Your Operations

Achieve greater visibility across your entire organization, from leadership to operations, with our inventory-first data model. Easily track the availability and usage of manufacturing materials at the point of activity, enabling informed decision-making and optimized resource allocation. With improved visibility, you can enhance planning, reduce waste, and maximize operational efficiency.

“Cloud Inventory enables us to present to our shop floor users only the information that they need to see.”
Mashaune Hardy | Senior Business Analyst
Optimal Productivity Cloud

Optimal Productivity

Easily integrate our solution with manufacturing automation software and warehouse control systems to unlock the full potential of your operations. By leveraging integration capabilities, you can optimize productivity, streamline processes, and track finished goods produced with precision. Our solution empowers you to achieve streamlined data flow, minimize manual interventions, and ensure operational excellence.

Improve Execution Cloud

Improve Execution on the Shop Floor

Elevate your shop floor performance and drive tangible results with our solution. Boost production volumes and enhance manufacturing material visibility through our intuitive tools and features. With real-time tracking of raw materials from inventory to consumption, our mobile-first applications provide accurate insights and enable efficient resource allocation. Ensure that your shop floor is properly supplied, empowering your workers with the materials they need to increase productivity and deliver exceptional results.

Maximize Revenue Cloud

Maximize Revenue per Employee on the Shop Floor

Achieve higher revenue generation per employee on your shop floor by leveraging our solution. With streamlined processes, improved material availability, and enhanced productivity, you can maximize the output and efficiency of your workforce. Our solution helps you optimize resource utilization, minimize downtime, and drive revenue growth, enabling you to achieve remarkable results on the shop floor.

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Request Management

Streamline the process of requesting items or assets through our platform. Track and manage inventory usage, identify surplus items, and facilitate quick and efficient redistribution, reducing waste and optimizing resource allocation.

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