Configure and Customize with Low-Code

The power to configure, personalize, and build mobile apps and inventory processes is in your hands. Leverage our low-code toolset which includes a variety of pre-built templates to get you started. Our interactive graphical UI makes it simple to drag and drop different functions as part of your desired process flows.

Personalize Inventory Processes

Get the most productivity by personalizing processes and settings at the user, role or organization level. This can ensure that non value-add steps are eliminated for enhanced automation. You can even configure the UI to have your own logos, colors, and other branding elements.

Gain a Seamless Flow of Information

The Mobile Enterprise Platform was designed to integrate with your other best-of-breed software solutions. Leverage our extensive library of APIs to connect to any ERP system, IoT devices, smart machinery, and more.

Stay Connected Even When Offline

Even in remote areas with limited access to cellular coverage, our mobile applications will still operate to capture data in real-time. When the device comes back online, the data updates in the rest of the system automatically.

Seamless Data Capture and Real-Time Visibility

With our ERP integration capabilities, you can achieve seamless data synchronization and gain real-time visibility into your inventory management processes. Our platform enables bidirectional data flow between Cloud Inventory and your ERP system, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory information across all systems. Experience the power of real-time visibility, enabling you to make informed decisions, optimize inventory levels, and enhance operational efficiency — no matter your ERP.

“The Cloud Inventory mobile platform ensures a true and accurate inventory statement at all times, thus facilitating a better sales order to ship process.”
Mashaune Hardy
Senior Business Analyst

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