Increase Inventory CI

Increase Inventory Turns

Optimize inventory levels and increase inventory turns by accurately tracking inventory at every step across your operations. Cloud Inventory provides real-time visibility and advanced tracking capabilities, enabling you to make informed product and operational decisions, minimize stockouts, and maximize your resource utilization.

Boost Bottom CI

Boost Your Bottom Line

Delight your customers and boost your bottom line. With improved shipping and order accuracy, you can minimize errors, reduce returns, and, ultimately, enhance customer trust. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, repeat business, and revenue growth.

A Solution For Every Role

Operations Overview 1

Chief Operating Officer

Cloud Inventory helps operations leaders achieve scale. Leverage dashboards and real-time insights to see big-picture trends from the warehouse, on the production line, or out in the field. Uncover opportunities for increased efficiency and focus on the metrics that matter to you.

Turn your inventory to cash, understand which products are performing best, and make the right decisions for your operations.

Shipments Overview

Customer Service

Today's customers expect exceptional service and shorter than ever lead times. With Cloud Inventory, you can not only meet customer demands but go above and beyond. Increase collaboration across operations for improved order and shipping accuracy.

Leverage our highly customizable business solutions to support your value-added services. With Cloud Inventory, you can earn customer loyalty and repeat business.

Inventory Balance 19

Floor Supervisor

With Cloud Inventory mobile applications, you can easily see all movements of inventory throughout the warehouse, production line, and even in the field.

Access our applications from any device. Our solution for Floor Supervisors automates inbound, outbound, and storage processes, letting you manage exceptional cases along the way.

Inventory Balance 26

Transportation Manager

With Cloud Inventory, you can improve shipping accuracy to minimize order errors, reduce returns, and enhance customer trust. Our mobile applications also can be used to guide the loading of shipments.

On receipt, ensure orders are accurate and moved out of staging as quickly as possible. Cloud Inventory brings automation and optimization to your shipping and receiving processes.

Ensure Compliance

Simplify regulatory and contractual compliance with a flexible platform, real-time data capture, and comprehensive process controls. You can ensure adherence to regulations and contractual obligations, reducing the risk of penalties or disruptions.

“With Cloud Inventory, we have real-time inventory information readily available. Our planning team can now differentiate between what inventory is on-hand, in transit, or being worked.”
Rob Trice | Sr. Logistics Coordinator

Optimize Your Operations

Want to see the Cloud Inventory mobile applications in action? Access our library of on-demand demos.

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“Another big benefit that we have is if we want to tweak our process flow at any time, we have experts in-house that can do that, so we’re not reliant on somebody to call and schedule an appointment to come out to make a change. We sort of control our own destiny in that way, which is very, very good for us.”
Bob Inman
Vice President of Operations