Accelerate Digital Innovation with the Cloud Inventory® Low-Code Platform

It’s no secret low-code technology is changing the game. The global platform market continues to see exponential growth year over year, with industry experts predicting it will climb to more than $65 million by 2027[1]. A number of factors are contributing to the rise in popularity, including the increasing demand for software development to perform in a fast-changing environment, as well as the growing business need for rapid customization and scalability. Most organizations understand they simply need low code to keep up.

Cloud Inventory® (formerly known as Data Systems International - DSI®) entered the market about ten years ago and is a powerful low-code platform. This, combined with your in-house professional and citizen developers, significantly improves your ROI and Time-to-Value. Cloud Inventory powers breakthrough inventory control from the cloud starting with a single point from which to manage inventory, streamline supply chain operations, and gain global visibility. That’s why more than 3,000 enterprises around the world have put their trust in the Cloud Inventory platform. By optimizing inventory across their organizations, these companies see improved productivity, increased revenue, enhanced compliance, and a whole host of other financial benefits.

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Aegion, a leader in the pipe maintenance industry for more than 45 years, turned to Cloud Inventory’s low-code platform after searching for a way to eliminate paper-based processes and mobilize their organization as they expanded. Specifically, Aegion wanted to develop and deploy applications to solve specific business challenges while integrating them into their back-end ERP system. With Cloud Inventory, Aegion has not only streamlined business processes but also significantly decreased the time it takes to complete invoices. To top it off, Aegion has significantly improved service levels for its customer base. With data readily available, Aegion is able to report and bill work as it is complete in a more efficient way. Customers have also come forward to suggest mobile applications that Aegion can develop to improve process efficiencies within their own four walls, further improving customer service across the organization.

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Another company utilizing Cloud Inventory’s low-code platform to improve overall operations is Old Dutch Foods, a private, family-owned business that produces and distributes high-quality snack foods such as chips, popcorn, pretzels, dips, and salsa. Before extending Cloud Inventory’s platform with an off-premise digital supply chain solution, delivery drivers were strained by an inefficient process for completing deliveries and sales orders. Using the drag-and-drop, flowchart-driven Cloud Inventory Application Studio—Cloud Inventory’s integrated development environment (IDE)—the company easily deployed a mobile application to support its unique direct store delivery operations. Now, Old Dutch Foods has mobilized the entire supply chain, eliminating bottlenecks, making operations more efficient, and enabling increased employee productivity.

While these example companies are in two different verticals, they are both achieving success in their respective marketplaces because they are personalizing their inventory control through Cloud Inventory. This allows them to pivot faster than ever in the face of rapidly changing business and supply chain requirements, giving them the business agility they need to compete and win, while also greatly improving speed, delivery of services, and ROI.

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