Learn how Gold Eagle Co. leveraged Cloud Inventory® to gain real-time data and speed up warehouse processes
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About Gold Eagle Co.

For more than 90 years, Gold Eagle Co. has been manufacturing and distributing automotive chemicals designed to protect and improve the performance of a range of vehicles and equipment.

“The Cloud Inventory platform ensures a true and accurate inventory statement at all times, thus facilitating a better sales-order-to-ship process.”
Mashaune Hardy | Senior Business Analyst at Gold Eagle Co.

The Challenge

Gold Eagle manufactures and distributes automotive chemicals designed to protect and improve the performance of a range of vehicles and equipment. However, to boost its own performance, it needed real-time visibility and execution across the supply chain to keep up with a growing market.

Gold Eagle manufactures a number of leading brands distributed out of multiple facilities in the Chicago area. However, manual processes created inefficiencies that rippled across the supply chain. Delayed entry caused issues with loss of inventory visibility. The lack of visibility, in turn, delayed transaction processing, which led to inaccurate inventory statements.

For inventory accuracy across the supply chain, Gold Eagle sought a solution to increase end-to-end visibility beginning in its Chicago warehouses.

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The Solution

Cloud Inventory offered Gold Eagle a single solution to increase supply chain visibility and execution at multiple locations. The company deployed the Cloud Inventory platform and digital supply chain solutions, which enabled its team to input inventory, work order, and pick/pack transactions right from the shop floor. Gold Eagle also used Cloud Inventory for transactions in the production area for work order completions and return-to-stock processing.

Because Cloud Inventory has a certified integration into Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, the company’s system of record was updated with data from these transactions in real time.

The flexibility of the Cloud Inventory platform supported a seamless upgrade to the system of record and transition to new ruggedized handheld devices. Cloud Inventory also provided Gold Eagle with training, hardware support, application building, and troubleshooting assistance throughout the implementation process.

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The Results

With mobile execution in the warehouse, Cloud Inventory’s platform allows Gold Eagle personnel to create real-time inventory and work order transactions while physically attending to inventory.

“Cloud Inventory allows us to present to our shop floor users with the information they need when they need it,” said Mashaune Hardy.

The right hardware is essential to moving a supply chain from analog to digital operations, and for Gold Eagle, one of the biggest improvements gained has been a change in ruggedized hardware. With the Cloud Inventory platform’s broad hardware support, the company is able to speed up the pick-and-pack process considerably with a better-performing handheld device model.

“With real-time transaction entry, our personnel can do more,” said Hardy. “With Cloud Inventory, they no longer have to record transactions manually on paper before entering the data into the system.” The transaction response time on the new mobile devices allows Gold Eagle personnel to pick and pack more while maintaining an efficient shipping schedule.

The Cloud Inventory digital supply chain solution improved automation in the receiving, inventory, and picking areas in warehouses and eliminated manual processes in the plant. Gold Eagle now has real-time data for better management decisions and planning, as well as faster product movement.

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