Learn how Mentor Worldwide increased productivity and reduced labor expenses by implementing Cloud Inventory®
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About Mentor Worldwide

Mentor Worldwide LLC is a leading supplier of saline and silicone breast implants and other products for the global aesthetic medicine market.

The company’s implant products are Class I, Class II, and Class III medical devices tracked to comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Mentor documents the movement of each implant through a complex consignment sales process to the doctor who uses it.

“Working with Cloud Inventory was a very positive experience. Its consultants took the time to understand our company and our business processes to tailor apps to meet our specific needs.”
Fred Schulte | Information Technology Manager for Manufacturing and Distribution at Mentor Worldwide

The Challenge

Complex manual business processes made meeting stringent regulatory requirements difficult for Mentor. The company needed an automated data capture solution that would easily integrate with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to generate serialized labeling, automate complex manual processes, and meet rigorous validation requirements. That’s why Mentor chose Cloud Inventory.

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The Solution

Cloud Inventory provided Mentor with pre-built applications for accurately tracking inventory, assets, and time using RFID and barcode technology, as well as pre-built integration with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to provide access to real-time data. Cloud Inventory’s low-code, rapid development platform enabled project managers to quickly tailor the pre-built mobile apps to meet Mentor’s unique business requirements and allowed Mentor staff to easily modify and enhance apps as needed. The Mentor team saw the potential for Cloud Inventory to help it gain greater self-sufficiency to meet current and future needs.

Mentor also leveraged Cloud Inventory mobile apps to generate unique, non-repeating serial numbers for the product classes that require them.

“The unique serial number enables us to access the product’s entire history. It is linked to data in our ERP that allows us to track a number of variables, from sterilization date and lot number to consignment, sales, and billing history,” Fred Schulte said.

Cloud Inventory also automated transaction processes in Mentor’s consignment sales channel.

“Consignment inventory isn’t invoiced until it is used. Automating manual processes simplifies our tracking and billing processes,” Schulte said. “Now we can bill more quickly and accurately.”

In addition to requirements for product labeling and tracking certain products, Mentor had to validate software and apps with extensive documentation. Cloud Inventory preserved Mentor’s investment in an existing labeling system and more than 500 templates, which helped Mentor simplify validation.

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The Results

With Cloud Inventory, Mentor has achieved several key business benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: Tasks that previously took 15 minutes when processed manually now take only three minutes. Mentor can also process returns in a shorter period of time.
  • Reduced Labor Expense: Improved processes and productivity have enabled Mentor to reassign six full-time employees in its consignment billing department and one full-time employee in return.
  • Improved Cash Flow: Automated processes have enabled Mentor to issue invoices and credits more quickly than ever.
  • Maintained Regulatory Compliance: By preserving existing label templates and therefore simplifying the validation of the labeling system, Mentor has saved many hours of effort in maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Positioned for Global Business Processes: Cloud Inventory’s unicode functionality positions Mentor to use common business processes and serial number functionality in all of its locations worldwide, regardless of users’ preferred languages.

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