Need to Build Forms Fast? Here’s How FAST Can Help You!

Meet FAST — the latest User Experience enhancement for Cloud Inventory® applications.

Short for Form Application Solution Templates, FAST is a method of development using pre-built application form templates allowing for a more graphical and customizable user interface and consistent look and feel between all applications. Below are the three key benefits:

1. Applications developed using FAST offer many improvements over applications developed using the more traditional Prompt and Response method.

2. Designed to work on any device with a consistent look and feel between all device types and operating systems.

All applications built using FAST utilize our pre-built user interface forms. This means that all development time is spent on application functionality and NO time is needed on user interface development. This also means that all application UI is consistent across all applications.

  • Android – Handheld Scanners (Honeywell, Motorola, Zebra, etc.), phones, tablets in portrait view or Landscape view.
  • iOS – iPhones and iPads in portrait view or landscape view.
  • Windows Desktop – Any Windows desktop PC in portrait view or landscape view.
  • Web Browser – Any HTML5 web browser, on PC or on a device in portrait view or landscape view.
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3. Applications built using FAST have built in personalization customization options without any additional development time.

All applications built using FAST have personalization and customization options available immediately at the app level all the way to the user level.

  • Easily add a company logo that will display at the top of all applications.
  • Colors within the applications can be modified - background colors, text colors, and button colors.
  • Options are available to allow users to personalize the apps they use as well – application colors as well as font types and font sizes.

This only scratches the surface to the capabilities of applications built using FAST. For more information on the benefits, capabilities, and what it takes to convert existing applications to FAST, schedule a call with our team.

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