Nextworld® acquires Cloud Inventory® (formerly DSI®), an industry leader in Mobile-First Inventory Solutions™. Nextworld EAP software company announced today that it has acquired Cloud Inventory, formerly known as Data Systems International, Inc.® (DSI). Cloud Inventory is currently doing business on a global scale with thousands of customers across 50 different countries.

Cloud Inventory’s products augment Nextworld’s suite of solutions, leading to a richer offering for companies in both service-centric and product-centric industries. By joining forces, the companies bring together the best of mobile inventory capabilities and a new generation of ERP applications built on Nextworld’s Adaptive Architecture, enabling the newest technologies today and into the future.

“Our Cloud Inventory products were designed to be ERP agnostic and we will continue to provide value to customers with any system. However, as we have watched Nextworld emerge into the market with a radical vision for the direction of the ERP industry, we saw a compelling opportunity to align with them,” says Mark Goode, President & CEO of Cloud Inventory.

“The Nextworld and Cloud Inventory teams share a common heritage having grown up in the ERP space. And with that shared heritage comes a common company culture,” adds Kylee McVaney, Nextworld CEO. “We are thrilled to have materially increased the size of our team that is dedicated to delivering value and cultivating happy, long-term relationships with customers.”

About Nextworld

Nextworld offers a radical alternative to those burdened by traditional ERP. It is the only company to offer a full suite of enterprise applications built on a no-code platform. Nextworld is a revolutionary new company and solution that enables companies to run their businesses their way, focusing resources on innovative opportunities that further their mission both now and, in the future, keeping them ahead of what’s next®.

About Cloud Inventory

Cloud Inventory mobile-first applications empower organizations with real-time inventory visibility at all points in the supply chain, from the warehouse to the field. Based in Kansas City, our global team has the supply chain knowledge and mobile-first development expertise to deliver solutions that solve today’s business challenges.

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