Learn how Yalumba improved inventory visibility and reduced warehouse errors by implementing Cloud Inventory®
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About Yalumba

Yalumba Wine Company, founded in 1849, is Australia’s oldest family-owned winery. Since its founding, the company has expanded its business across agriculture and manufacturing with domestic and international distribution.

“The greatest benefit has been the replacement of our batch processing of inventory with real-time data capture on our warehouse floor.”
Graham Baker | PDM Manager at Yalumba Wine Company

The Challenge

A previous investment in enterprise software helped improve control of stock levels and track inventory by location within the warehouse. However, because all inventory transactions were manually recorded and later processed in batches, Yalumba’s ERP system rarely reflected correct stock levels.

In addition to causing inventory inaccuracies, manual data entry and batch processing also wasted a significant amount of time. Yalumba’s manual processes even extended beyond data entry; the company used a whiteboard system to convey picking information to warehouse personnel, who had to wait in line to see it.

To sustain its growth and continue to serve customers in an efficient, timely manner, Yalumba needed to do the following:

  • Improve efficiency in the warehouse processes
  • Increase visibility of overall stock
  • Provide accurate data to warehouse personnel
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The Solution

To meet its goals, Yalumba sought a mobile solution that could integrate fully with its enterprise system.

Knowing that Cloud Inventory’s platform had worked with its enterprise software for many years, Yalumba chose to implement Cloud Inventory’s suite of supply chain apps to provide two-way communication between its enterprise software and mobile devices.

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The Results

Yalumba’s transition to real-time visibility has resulted in a major shift in ownership and responsibility of business processes.

“Real-time warehouse data capture has resulted in more accurate information on stock levels and allowed us to deliver customer orders more efficiently,” said Graham Baker, Product Data Management Manager at Yalumba Wine Company.

Since implementing Cloud Inventory to increase efficiency in the warehouse, Yalumba has expanded its use to the manufacturing side of operations. The company deployed Cloud Inventory’s Barrel Management App to track and manage barrels and their contents, even in the disconnected environment of the cellars. The app performs online or offline to execute barrel-scanning operations, from receiving to tracking fills and blends and generating barrel labels.

Cloud Inventory provided training and configuration assistance to Yalumba’s staff, and who over time, gained the skills to support and expand their use of the platform and mobile-first supply chain apps. This self-sufficiency was invaluable in tailoring solutions to suit more of Yalumba’s business processes.

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